2020 May Be the Most Momentous Election in American History

“Trump calls on all Republicans to oppose ‘Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s’ War Powers Resolution” [headline from Fox News]

At some point, ALL Americans have to decide: Do you want one of the two political parties always in charge, regardless of election results? Or should the system be permitted to operate as it always has during our entire republic’s history, except during the Civil War? If a Republican president is elected and the Democrats don’t like him or her, then are the Democrats entitled to impeach or do whatever it takes, including lie, to bring that President down?

This isn’t just politics. It’s a Constitutional crisis. People said during the Nixon era we had a Constitutional crisis. Eventually it passed, with Nixon resigning and Gerald Ford pardoning Nixon. It wasn’t pretty, but it passed. Is this one going to pass? I don’t think it will. It’s not about the wrongdoing (real or alleged) of a President, not this time. They have nothing on Trump, because there’s nothing there. Everything he’s accused of we have actual evidence for Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton actually having done.

This time, it’s about the ENTITLEMENT one party feels to unlimited power. If Democrats succeed, then Donald Trump will not be their last victim. All Republicans will be subject to the charge of illegitimacy without the need for any evidence. They’ll rationalize their dislike of opposition as evidence, and they’ll know they can get away with it — because if they got away with it during Donald Trump’s term, they can get away with it any time.

The only solution, short of a civil war — which would be an unbelievable tragedy, not a solution — is the upcoming election. That’s really it. Anything other than a total repudiation of what Democrats are now doing — not to mention the insane totalitarian Communism they now openly stand for — will be a blow to the United States, from which it will probably never recover. I wonder if there hasn’t already been too much damage for our system to recover.

It’s a cliche to say the next election is the most important one ever. But that’s the case with the election of 2020. If we don’t throw out the Pelosi criminals in Congress, and stand by President Trump for a second term, then the green light is on for dictatorship in America. If you’re stupid and ignorant enough to think it can’t happen here, then you’re evading the fact that it’s already happening. Right at this moment.


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