The Wildly Unjust, Totally Clueless Leftist Media

Leftist media:

“Anything the U.S. does is an act of aggression. Anything other than total submission by the U.S. to Iran is aggression, imperialism and evil”.

“Anything that Iran does is justified. Of course they attacked Iraq’s embassy. It’s because the U.S. is aggressive. Of course they attacked the American military base yesterday. It’s because the U.S. is aggressive. Maybe if the U.S. wasn’t so racist and evil, Iran would not be so hostile.”

It’s wildly unjust. It’s self-destructive in the extreme, because leftist media outlets are corporations with a deep stake and interest in freedom. They count on the very freedom of speech totalitarian Iran would outlaw — even as they defend Iran as the victim of American “oppression”.

President Trump is trying to preserve that freedom the leftists take for granted, without having us all blown to bits. You will not avoid being blown to bits without a competent, assertive and sometimes highly aggressive military policy. Democrats in World War II understood that. Today’s Democrats would probably be on the side of the Nazis and the Japanese. It’s not just that they oppose President Trump’s policies; it’s that they oppose American self-defense, on principle.

It’s madness. It’s clueless. It’s truly evil, if your standard of “the good” is the rational, good life that those of us fortunate enough to live in America enjoy every day. Leftists do everything in their power to destroy that life, and in the process they claim moral superiority. Infuriating does not begin to describe the proper, reasonable reaction to their hubris. They have no clue why many of us are so angry, and getting angrier at them all the time.

Cluelessness is unsustainable. So is our present-day media, as well as the rest of the left-wing corporate and academic establishment. We will not go on as a civilization, or a remotely free country, if we continue to listen to any of them.

A reader of objects that it’s not cluelessness, it’s the wrong ideas about government and diplomacy causing the problem. Dr. Hurd’s reply:

People have to want to be educated. The type who dominate the media are way past that point. They are articulate liars. The uniformed — trained by a mediocre school system NOT to be critical thinkers, only feelers — fall prey to it. Then you throw in virtue-signaling and the need to be approved of by others, and the wrong ideas become entrenched. I’m describing the role of psychology (in many, not all people) in entrenchment of the wrong ideas. But I totally agree that the wrong ideas are the fundamental problem. Wrong ideas are correctable.


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