“We Shouldn’t Be in Iraq or Iran” … Really?

My reply to the point, “We shouldn’t be in Iran or Iraq in the first place.”

The goal is to get out, I agree. But American interests and Western civilization as we know it require oil, and there’s a lot of oil there. The despots have no rights. The individuals in those countries do have rights, but the terrorists have none. Unfortunately, most of the individuals whose rights are violated are either the victims of the despots, or actually want to be ruled by despots. We cannot take responsibility for that fact.

We need some kind of presence there, not for purposes of nation-building, but simply because our survival depends on it. By the way, the best foreign policy re: the Middle East is total independence from them regarding oil production. Thanks to fracking and President Trump, we are on our way.

Also, re: the terrorists who rule Iran. They whine that they only terrorize us because we’re there. Don’t fall for it! They terrorize all who disagree with them, including their own citizens, and their explicit goal is world domination under the rule of totalitarian, ruthless Sharia Law. It’s not only about oil. It’s about the latest menace and threat to freedom, one of the potentially greatest the world has ever seen. We have no choice but to strike back. Otherwise, they will annihilate us piece by piece, and — once they possess nuclear bombs — in one fell swoop.


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