Iran’s Bellicosity is Nothing New

We keep hearing how President Trump has stirred Iran into a rage. Excuse me? Are we to believe Iran was not in a rage before? That Iranians were, at one time, serene and peace-loving–and that now solely because of President Trump, they have become belligerent and angry?

The facts overwhelmingly prove otherwise.

Iranians have been shouting “Death to America” for four decades. They attacked America’s embassy in Iran in 1979, and attacked America’s embassy in Iraq in 2019. They have never stopped being in a rage.

Iranians called American freedom, liberty and capitalism “the Great Satan” many, many years before Donald Trump got anywhere near the White House. IT’S NOTHING NEW.

Get your facts straight, leftists. Oh, I forgot. Facts have nothing whatsoever to do with your narrative.


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