The Brilliance of Gervais’ Attack

The brilliance of Gervais’ attack, aside from its humor, is that it confronted disgusting Hollywood leftists with their grotesque hypocrisy. These elite celebrities live off the benefits of free markets and profits, while ridiculing and opposing capitalism, self-reliance and self-responsibility with every fiber of their shallow souls. He also pointed out how LITTLE they actually know about human nature, psychology, government or philosophy–the very things they pose as experts on when they lecture us. Gervais’ routine was a truly knockout punch to a bunch of intellectually illiterate people who had it coming–yet most of whom are not bright enough to grasp the nature or depth of the richly deserved attack.

As for claims that Gervais was simply joking and is a leftist himself: I don’t know his motivation and I don’t know any facts about him. I only know that every word he said was true, and I am glad he said it. I have no illusions it will bring any enlightenment to as intellectually barren or amoral a place as Hollywood.


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