The Latest Leftist Thing: “Democracy Grief”

NY Times opinion columnist Michelle Goldberg has coined a new term for the left’s misery over the election of President Trump: Democracy grief. According to Goldberg, the feeling that some environmentalists have about climate change is called “climate grief.” Democracy grief is the equivalent for those who believe a second Trump term will mark the end of liberal democracy in the United States.

She writes: Lately, I think I’m experiencing democracy grief. For anyone who was, like me, born after the civil rights movement finally made democracy in America real, liberal democracy has always been part of the climate, as easy to take for granted as clean air or the changing of the seasons. When I contemplate the sort of illiberal oligarchy that would await my children should Donald Trump win another term, the scale of the loss feels so vast that I can barely process it.  [Source here]


Good grief! Literally in this case.

Let’s see. Leftists are grieving because President Trump stands in the way of what’s important to them. What does President Trump stand in the way of, exactly?

Let’s review:

70-90 percent income tax rates, which will crush and ultimately eliminate all economic growth, since the rich (i.e., successful) create the vast majority of economic growth.

Elimination of all fossil fuels in 10 years. (The Green New Deal) This means no more cars, airplanes or means of transportation — not merely for work and fun, but to move life-saving supplies of food and medicine around the country and around the world.

“Free college”, which will mean the end of higher education (not that this is an entirely bad thing, given the Communist fascism now growing on most college campuses).

“Free medicine” which means government-run medicine, which means medicine like they had in Soviet Russia, Maoist China and Communist Cuba, not to mention Venezuela today.

Open borders, which means our bankrupt social welfare state will now bear the burden of THE ENTIRE PLANET rather than simply millions of home-grown Americans and legal immigrants who don’t wish to work.

If you ask me, it’s enough to generate “democracy grief” over the fact that millions of ignorant, stupid people who still vote for leftist Democrats, like this New York Times columnist, actually WANT these things.

By the way, we’re a republic, NOT a democracy. A democracy means rule by the mob. This can include anything from gulags and concentration camps to government takeovers of entire enterprises, including but not limited to college and medicine. In a democracy, it’s all fair game, because rights are not recognized; only majority rule is. And a majority is capable of supporting some pretty deplorable ventures, including (in America) two terms of President Obama and the toxic House of Representatives run by creeps like Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.

If America ever goes full fascist or Communist, it will be thanks to democracy — not the republic given to us by our Founders, the republic we lost.

If you want to grasp the meaning of a republic, read two documents they no longer acknowledge in our fascist, government-run Common Core schools: The Declaration of Independence; and the Bill of Rights.



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