Why Leftists HATE Trump — and the Rest of Us, Too

“This man represents Donald Trump very well. He’s just like Donald Trump,” Biden said of the protester.

Fox News reported that “The man appeared to leave the event, with the crowd waving goodbye to him — though it was unclear if he chose to leave or if he was forced out either by security or other attendees.”

“A great American,” Biden said. “Just let him go. … Don’t hurt … Just let him go. … This is not a Trump rally. This is a real rally.” [Daily Wire]

You have to understand the psychological world of the leftist. It’s a world where socialism works. Where health care can be glorious and excellent — and free for all. Where everyone can have an equal income — and that income can be hundreds of thousands a year for all. Where college can be free, and where handouts can have no impact whatsoever on the motivation or character of those who receive them.

It’s an imaginary world the leftist himself is insulated from, because the leftist usually already has plenty, and possibly feels guilty for it. Wealthy people like Joe Biden and his son made their millions (billions?) EXCLUSIVELY through political pull. They never worked an honest day in their lives nor did anything a person would willingly pay for, without the coercion of government to fund it all.

The appeal of leftism to leftists is not its supposed rationality — because its ideas, from socialism to political correctness, are some of the most self-evidently insane ideas ever expressed. The appeal of leftism for the leftist is the virtue-signaling. “Look at me. I’m saying what’s noble and true. Others who agree with me see me saying the same things and are applauding me. That makes me important and good”. It’s a primitive psychology, barely even adolescent. It’s more like the mentality and mindset of a four-year-old child. Most importantly, it’s ALL they have in the way of either rational argumentation OR substance. It’s more than a house of cards. It’s like cotton candy. Except cotton candy has more substance.

Intellectually, leftists sometimes seem smart and because of the status they hold in society’s corporate-educational-media-political Establishment, they usually seem more sophisticated than the rest of us. But those things have nothing whatsoever to do with objective truth or substance. They’re just trimmings or trappings, for those too ignorant or indifferent to pay close attention. America’s founders were not part of the elite, either. Yet they created the most amazing system of individual liberty and free enterprise in all of human history, the very system that people like Joe and Hunter Biden now participate in only as parasites.

Now you can understand why leftists cannot and will not tolerate dissenting opinions. Smiling Joe Biden reveals his true colors whenever anyone confronts him with the possibility of truth. He’s been doing that for five decades with the idiotic policies of leftists and Democrats. Despite his obvious and growing senility, he’s a skilled old pro at that. But when it hits closer to home, say to the obvious wrongdoing of his loser, coke-addicted son — someone who would never had been wealthy without the politically based (not merit-based) connections of his father … well, it’s just too close to home. Criminals can be outraged just as well as decent people can, about their sons or anything else.

When Biden and his ilk scream about a “Trump” mentality, what they’re really saying is, “Stop telling the truth. Stop pelting me with facts”. Facts are the Kryptonite of the leftist movement. They hate Trump and his supporters for being correct, and truthful and filled with facts. They hate Trump — and us — for being unapologetic about it. We were supposed to be obedient and compliant, as government-run schools and a fawning media have trained so many millions of us to be. But millions more of us are now fighting back in a way that ancient Joe Biden has never before seen.

THAT’S the thing that makes Biden and his fellow leftists literally insane with rage.

The solution? Keep it going.


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