Brexit Is Morally Justified, As Well As Economically Smart

The UK’s victorious prime minister Boris Johnson does not appear to be a strong advocate of hands-off, limited government capitalism. But he doesn’t seem to be an outright socialist, Communist or anti-Semite either, as his opponent apparently was. His strong support of Brexit is KIND of an indirect support for capitalism over socialism. How? Because Britain remains less of a socialist country than its European counterparts — France, Germany, Greece, etc. That’s why Britain has generally done better, for the same reason the USA has generally done better than Europe. The less socialism a country has, the better it thrives and the more justice it exhibits.

The moral premise behind Brexit is a sound and justified one: Britain should not have to carry the load for other countries who have recklessly spent their way into debt (like Greece) and who are on their way to the same point (France). It’s not right, it’s not fair, and the British were right to shake it off. It’s not about nationalism; it’s about justice.

The regular media (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) runs headlines like, “How the World is Reacting to Johnson’s Landslide Win”. What they really mean to say is: “How Cultural Elites With Lots of Money Who Are Also Cozy With Control Freak, Corrupt Politicians and Can Get Away With Claiming to Hold Stupid Ideas Since They Only Read, Watch and Talk to Each Other are Reacting to Boris Johnson’s Landslide Win”.

Johnson’s victory, while it regrettably won’t usher in an era of private sector medicine and massive tax cuts and government rollbacks for Britain — like, say, a Margaret Thatcher would have tried to implement — he certainly beats the utterly totalitarian alternative. (Sound familiar, Americans?)

The alternatives on the left — on both sides of the Atlantic — have become really, really scary. They are 100 times worse than all the things they claim President Trump is, and he is not.


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