Madness on the Potomac

If you have any remaining doubts as to whether the Democratic Party is now — officially — the movement dedicated to irrationality, insanity and a dictatorship led by nothing more than raw, unexamined emotion, then read the details of the interaction between President Trump’s deputy director of Homeland Security and the former Democratic Governor of Maryland the other night at a popular pub in D.C.:

Ken Cuccinelli, the deputy leader at the Department of Homeland Security, has described the Thanksgiving Eve barroom tirade by Martin O’Malley, the former Democrat governor of Maryland.

“I arrived at The Dubliner to meet with some of my Gonzaga [High School] classmates last night,” Cuccinelli said in a November 29 statement to Breitbart News.

According to Cuccinelli:

As I walked up to one of the bars among several in The Dubliner to order my Guinness, I heard screaming and cussing behind me to my left, which I did not immediately take notice of other than the fact that it was louder than everything else in the pub. When I turned to look I saw O’Malley and he was obviously screaming at me. For a moment I thought he was trying to be funny, as we’ve met before, which I thought was strange. It was immediately clear that he was cursing and screaming for real, to the point of veins bulging on his neck. He also inspired one or two of his (apparent) buddies to join in the cussing assault. Up to that point I basically shook my head at these folks and ignored them.

That particular bar within the pub had just closed to prepare for a private party, so I turned to walk to a different bar within The Dubliner, at which point O’Malley pushed his way through the small group to confront me face to face, still cursing me, the President, and my Italian ancestry and he got right up in my face, bumped up against me and invited me to take a swing at him, at which point I said “Martin, one of us has to rise above this, and it’s obviously not going to be you.”

During the entire confrontation, Martin was alternating between cursing me, the President and my Italian ancestry, and making comments about immigration policy – some of his comments being particularly odd because they applied to President Obama’s policies, a fact he clearly did not appreciate me pointing out (without screaming it, btw).

On the positive side, Steve Shannon, a Democrat friend of mine who ran against me for Attorney General in 2009, in what appeared to me to be an attempt at de-escalation, poked his head in at the end of Martin’s confrontation and forced some friendly conversation in between Martin and I (“Hey Ken. How are you doing? How is the family?”). I briefly directed my attention to respond to Steve in a friendly fashion as I walked away from that group and went to the still-open bar in the pub to get my Guinness and join other Gonzaga graduates (and a couple other high school buddies who happened to be there).

Martin’s behavior was as sad as it was shocking. I learned on the other side of the pub that Martin’s screaming was so loud that people on the other side of the pub heard him. I also learned from others who have known Martin for years that while his behavior was shocking, it was not new to them … [full story here]


Why are leftists and Democrats so unable and unwilling to cope with opposing views? If they’re as right as they claim they are, it should be easy to counter the views of people like President Trump and Ken Cuccinelli. But all they have is rage. Because all they have is emotion. They have no reason because reason supports nothing of what they stand for. Only raw, undefined emotion does. That’s why leftists feel powerless in the presence of any opposition. It literally makes them mad.


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