Buttigieg’s Thugs Praise Martin O’Malley’s Thuggery against Ken Cuccinelli

A top adviser for Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg appeared to celebrate former Democratic Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley harassing Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli at a bar on Thanksgiving eve to the point where Cuccinelli was forced to be the bigger person and leave.

Siobhan Arnold, who claims to work in media relations at Villanova University, wrote on Twitter, “Martin O’Malley just drove Ken Cuccinelli out of the Dubliner in DC w/ a passion-laced and shame-invoking tirade on behalf of immigrant refugee children!!!”

Senior Buttigieg Communications Advisor Lis Smith responded to the news by writing on Twitter: “Thanks giving came early this year —>”  [The Daily Wire]

In order to make sense of this, you have to understand the mindset of a bully — or any criminal.

The mindset of the criminal is: aggression plus false victimization.

A Trump supporter would not have attacked a Buttigieg supporter. Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary would not have initiated violence or verbal harassment either. However, if he had, the media onslaught would have been deafening. Martin O’Malley and everyone on the Democratic side, and in the media, would have shrieked “Victim, victim!” on their own behalf. They would have relished it.

Like all criminals, the leftist Democrats have no moral standards — other than their own power. That’s what criminals do. Criminals seek power over others. That’s the motive behind rape, assaults, harassment, theft and fraud. It’s as much a sense of power over others as anything else.

The entire Democratic Party platform is socialism, leftist fascism or Communism — take your pick of label. It all means the same thing: Power over others. Brute force. Socialism is not voluntary. Even “democratic socialism” is not voluntary for the 49.9 percent who won’t vote for it, and are forced to labor under it.

Power for its own sake. Rationalized as virtue, but really just … power.

So when leftist Democrat Martin O’Malley acts all this out in a D.C. bar in the presence of a Trump official, it’s actually consistent. He’s just being all the things they — the leftists — accuse Trump supporters of being. THEY are the bullies and the fascists. They are the deplorable victimizers. Yet THEY are the ones who scream, “fascist, bully!” as quickly as anyone, whether the facts support it, or not.

Should Cuccinelli have walked away and been the “bigger man”? Or should he have stayed and fought? You cannot answer this question. He was in a lose-lose position. If he stayed and so much as lifted a finger, O’Malley and the Democrats know it would simply have been more ammunition against Republicans. “They’re violent! They’re abusers”. The New York Times headline would read: “Head of Homeland Security Loses His Cool in a Bar Brawl”. If, on the other hand, he did what he did — try to be restrained and cool, in control — and show it by walking away, then the leftist bloodhounds smell the blood and exploit it to advance their own power. It’s exactly what they’re doing now. That’s how thugs operate.

Don’t be distracted. The main issue here isn’t what Cuccinelli did or didn’t do. The issue is that we’re dealing with bullies and tyrants in the mainstream of the Democratic Party. Martin O’Malley is the former and recent Governor of Maryland. And he’s nothing more than a street thug. So is his party. This is what America has come to, at least on the Democratic side. It’s sad, it’s sick and it’s frightening. It’s why I keep saying they are the actual enemies of the United States now, like it or not.

I wish they would stop proving me right.



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