The worst outcome of “shampeachment” so far?

The precedent established by leftist Democrats that HEARSAY is equivalent to (or better than) actual evidence.

It’s absurd. But it also stands all of Western civilization on its head. Forget the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Go back to the Magna Carta, the English charter of rights from 1215. The Magna Carta was an early attempt to establish that (1) rights are objective and (2) rights belong to individuals in nature — not at the consent of kings.

Today’s Democrats are not just totalitarians at heart. They are, increasingly, totalitarians in practice. They’re essentially saying, “If we claim it, it’s true. We don’t need evidence or proof. All we need is a source that we trust and like to tell you what we WANT to be true IS true. You don’t even get to find out who that source is”.

Due process. Evidence. Logic as a requirement for interpreting evidence. Objective proof. They’re ALL out the window in this impeachment process. Imagine if such principles were applied to you? I could accuse you of anything I want — theft, or murder. When you demanded evidence I could say, “I have the word of someone I know. I won’t tell you who it is. You’re guilty. That’s that”.

It’s madness. And it’s evil. With the Democrats and their henchpersons in corporate America, entertainment/sports, academia and media, we are increasingly faced with a ruthless enemy. Imagine these people in power. Imagine them in full control of not just the House of Representatives, but also the U.S. Senate, the White House and the Supreme Court. If you are not one of them, you will have NO rights. Every evil system ever devised — Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia come to mind — starts with the kind of ideas now being routinely acted upon by Democrats in this shameful perversion of the Constitution called impeachment hearings.

America, meet your latest enemy. You had the British royalists, the southern Confederacy, the Kaiser’s Germany, Hitler’s Nazis, Soviet Communists and Islamic terrorists. Now you have today’s hard core leftist Democrats. They’re on the exact same premise as our earlier enemies. It’s hard to face and seems bizarre — but you have to listen to what they’re saying, and observe all of their actions. If they mean even five percent of what they say, they’re dangerous. But their actions in impeachment show they mean EVERY WORD of it.

Shame on those who claim to love America and its freedom, while still supporting these dictators masquerading as “democrats”.


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