Resistance is Futile

These horrible, fascist creatures think President Trump is a dictator. They encourage unwavering “resistance” against him.

But what about their own desire to control? May we resist them, too?

They expect us to resist President Trump, on the one hand. Yet on the other hand, they want us to say, “Yes master, please give me the health care you deem worthy.”

They expect us to say, “Yes master, thank you for free college. And oh yes, master, I will only hear the campus speakers you deem worthy to speak”.

They expect from us: “Yes master, I will turn over my gun even though it’s only for self-protection and I have no criminal record”.

And, “Yes, master. I will never say a word to criticize Islam or question transgenderism. Or climate change. Regulate social media as you and Mr. Zuckerberg see fit. Thank you, master, for letting me speak at all”.

The very thing they demand and expect of us — resistance — is the LAST thing they want us to do with them. Not when it comes to their unlimited and unending expansion of power over the rights of the individual.

They are wrong that President Trump is a dictator. But they THINK he is — and they hate him for it. NOT because they love freedom. But because they aim to be our dictators.

Remember that.


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