Morally Inverted Democrats Call the Producers “Freeloaders”

Elizabeth Warren calls America’s billionaires “freeloaders”.

A person who creates billions of dollars in wealth is not a freeloader. A freeloader is someone who lives off ANOTHER’S WEALTH — generally with an unjustified, unwarranted sense of entitlement to do so.

If your 30-year-old kid lives in your house without working, and lives off a portion of your $50,000 or $100,000 a year salary — YOU are not the freeloader. Your 30-year-old child is.

Your 30-year-old doesn’t get to say, “But you make more than me. You have it easy. I make nothing, and you make $50,000. You are obliged to give me some”.

Democrats and socialists (same thing now) are morally inverted. They call things the opposite of what they are. They view as good what’s bad, and as bad what’s good.

They treat the actual freeloader as the virtuous, innocent one; they treat the actual producer and sustainer of life as the guilty, sinister one.

Elizabeth Warren does so with a schoolmarm edge that’s designed to humble you into submission. If you let it happen, you are DEAD, ABSOLUTELY wrong.

The actual freeloaders in America are not the billionaires, without whom there would be nothing for Elizabeth Warren to seize 70-90 percent of and redistribute to whomever she feels like. The actual freeloaders are the ones who produce little or nothing, and then act and think as if they’re entitled to more simply because they have less. And for no other reason.

You cannot build (or preserve) a great society on such an irrational, morally inverted premise as socialism. Yet that’s precisely what Democrats, as a party, now aim to do. They have hinted at it for generations. Now they’re open, unequivocal and unrelenting about it. If you think they don’t mean it, you’re not paying attention to how (unlike Republicans) they back up every single word they say. They mean it.

If Democrats are anything other than totally, completely SMASHED at the ballot box next year, then America is in for a whole load of trouble.


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