Democrats: ALL Emotion, ONLY Emotion

Joe Biden says Lindsey Graham will regret backing Trump amid Ukraine controversy: “I’m embarrassed for you” [from USA Today]

This is so typical of leftists and Democrats. They operate with EMOTION. It’s all they have. They can’t make a case for why, say, socialism is superior to the prosperity President Trump is offering us. Or how 70 percent tax rates will lift our innovation and greatness. Or how banning guns will make us safer. They won’t budge past offering “hearsay” as the equivalent of evidence in using anything they can find (it has to be non-factual) to defeat President Trump. Of course, there are no rational arguments for any of these things. They know it. Even Joe Biden is probably smart enough to know it.

So they resort to emotion, and emotion alone. “I’m embarrassed for you”. Or another one they employ: “I’m so DISAPPOINTED in you.” It’s supposed to have an impact. It’s called emotional manipulation. I guess they think Trump supporters are as naive and vulnerable to emotional manipulation as the people watching MSNBC, CNN, etc. are. No such luck, Joe!


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