Mitt Romney: John McCain’s Successor as Most Evil Man in U.S. Senate

The most evil man in the U.S. Senate. John McCain has a successor. What is wrong with Utah Republicans for inflicting this sycophant on our republic?

Mark Levin, on his show yesterday evening, cited an interview where Romney admitted he has no objective criteria for impeaching President Trump. When pressed Romney said, “I will know it when I see it”.

So the fate of our Bill of Rights, our prosperity and our freedom all comes down to the WHIM of Mitt Romney, who already established himself as a liar when he reversed course on all of his major positions in the 2012 presidential election.

That’s why I call him evil. It’s bad enough to destroy our Constitution for the sake of socialism and fascism, as Democrats now openly do. Romney does the EXACT same thing…while pretending to stand for the opposite.

Unbelievable–even by today’s standards.


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