Why Lovers of Liberty & Freedom CANNOT Be “Nazis”

I get called a “Nazi” by ignorant leftists on a regular basis. It’s hilarious. These smug, self-righteous twits appear not to realize that Nazi is a shortened form of “National Socialism”. I am an extreme NON-socialist. I support the total separation of economics and state. I don’t believe in national socialism or any other kind of socialism. I support totally unhampered capitalism. Totally unhampered capitalism is NOT socialism.

I eventually came to understand the poor fools seem to equate the term Nazism with “racism”. But if you read either of my books or a mere 5 percent of my thousands of posts, you would quickly see that I am an extreme individualist. Individualism and racism are mutually exclusive. Individualism is the ONLY antidote to racism. I care nothing about a person’s race. I care everything about a person’s choices, values and self.

If you are a Trump supporter, conservative, libertarian, Objectivist or any other sort of non-leftist, I guarantee you receive the same treatment that I get. President Trump is getting that treatment on a spectacular scale. It’s why we defend and love him so.

It’s clear that leftists don’t have their facts straight–about anything or anyone. They aren’t smart, intellectually honest or rational. They are mindlessly driven by emotions. They decimate reason. No civilization will survive under their rule or influence.

Leftists do not understand: We hate them more than they hate us. We hate them because of what we love: freedom, liberty, truth, life, reason, and beauty. They have nothing to love. THAT’S the big division in our world today.


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