Anti-Education … 21st Century Style

In an email sent Monday afternoon, Kennesaw State University Professor Jalessah Jackson told the students of her Gender Studies “Love and Sex” class that she is relocating that evening’s class and approaching it in a different “format” than usual. The new location? The Campus Green. The new format? A protest against bestselling author and Daily Wire podcast host Michael Knowles. The students are “expected to be present” at the protest of the mainstream conservative, Jackson asserts in the email. [the Daily Wire]

If anyone wishes to establish a “higher education” institution where 18-23 year olds may never disagree with their professors, that is their right. The type of students who would willingly accept such an anti-intellectual approach are not the brightest anyway. But NOT ONE PENNY of tax money, state or federal, should ever go to supporting this fraud.

Unless we face this, American education is doomed.

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