Will the Media Decide America’s President — and Future?

Donald Trump’s presidency is really about the media — and the culture.

The impeachment issue represents a showdown: Will the American people succumb to the media’s verdict that Trump should not be President? Or will they fight back?

The last time the media attempted to remove a President from office was with Richard Nixon. Ultimately, they succeeded. Nixon actually had some evidence against him. Trump has none. President Trump’s opponents — Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden — actually have far more damning evidence against them than Nixon ever did.

That’s the incredible thing about today. No evidence exists — nor is even deemed necessary. Whenever evidence evaporates, they simply invent new evidence. THAT’S how thoroughly depraved our media is.

So the climax of Trump’s first term in office will come down to the media. Will the media decide the course of American history, or not?

Will the outcome of our republic be determined by superficially articulate yet morally bad, unintelligent people who staff our leftist television networks, newspapers and websites?

Will these glorified actors, paid to read headlines and brainwashed by Communist-fascist high school teachers and college professors, determine the fate of our Bill of Rights? Or will we — the remaining Americans who still love our freedom — determine our own fate?

The only way you win big battles is to take your values and principles seriously. It’s how the American Revolution, the Civil War and World War II were won. The stakes are really that high today. The media — and the rotten, legalized mobsters in our Imperial City they protect — are just as bad as the people Americans fought in those earlier wars. Maybe even worse.

We are not up against good guys here. Once you understand that, you can win. But only then.


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