What National Socialists and Today’s Democrats Have in Common

You often hear: How could Nazi Germany have happened?

And: Can it happen again?

Here’s how it happened. In Nazi Germany, people decided to view one’s group identification as THE most important thing about them.

If being Jewish is the most important thing about a person, and if you view being Jewish as bad enough to warrant punishment by death, then you get … Nazi Germany.

The reason group identification becomes the most important thing is that INDIVIDUAL identity is viewed as a bad thing.

The Nazis, being socialists (Nazi is short for “National Socialism”), despised individualism. They saw individualism as “selfish”, and therefore bad. Individualism and egoism threatened the National Socialists, because it threatened the well-being of The State.

A fascist, socialist dictatorship cannot thrive unless you have millions of people who sacrifice their individual wants, needs, desires, personalities and values to The State.

Fast forward to America 2020. Today’s Democratic Party influences everything. It dominates all of academia, most entertainment and sports culture, all of late-night “comedy”, most of the movies, all of Broadway, virtually all of the major news networks and most of corporate America from Zuckerberg on down. All of them are insane about President Trump because he is not one of them, and clearly does not want to be one of them. And, right now, he has power they desperately crave and to which they feel entitled.

For that reason, according to them, President Trump must go. The electoral cycle is not enough. He must be impeached, eradicated or whatever it takes. Ditto (presumably) for his millions of supporters. All will be crushed. Why do you think they want us disarmed and quieted through social media censorship, “hate speech” directives and other vicious policies yet to come? How much further will they go? Doesn’t it seem like prison camps of some sort are the only thing left, once you propose outlawing guns and dissenting speech?

The Democratic Party is socialist, just as the Nazis were socialist. Like the Nazis, the Democratic Party ONLY cares about your group membership. Like the Nazis, they denigrate people who belong to some groups and they cherish people who belong to others. If you are white, heterosexual, male and Christian, you are the lowest of the low, according to the Democratic Party. Your only salvation, if you belong to such groups, is to give them loads of money.

If you are female, gay/lesbian, “transgendered” or, best of all, Muslim, then you are morally superior and can expect to reap all the benefits politically and financially. (Unless you are a Trump supporter, a capitalist or a supporter of the First and Second Amendments. Then Heaven help you.) Notice that in each case GROUP membership is king – not achievement. You possess your rights not as an individual – as the Constitution and Declaration of Independence maintain – but as a member of a particular GROUP.

Today’s Democrats say they’re nothing like Nazis. But they are identical to Nazis in the two most important respects.

Like Nazis, they are socialists – now openly, explicitly and proudly so. And like Nazis, they detest individualism as “selfish” and therefore bad and wrong, even though individualism was the basis for all of America’s achievement and success in prior generations. Without that individualism, we become like other countries, none of whom would be doing as well as they are without being able to copy or steal from American achievement. America is the land of innovation because of its individualism, rational egoism and capitalism … and for no other reason.

America was never about racism, tribalism or group identity. Sadly, racism existed here, especially in the South, although that’s mostly gone now. America was always about individualism. The Democratic Party’s emphasis on the importance of group identity over the individual explains its ruthless, nasty descent into totalitarianism.

I am a therapist. I spend all day talking with people about how their ideas determine their emotions and behaviors. Ideas matter.

And when your ideas are utterly wrong and vicious, then the Nazi movement – and today’s Democratic Party – are what you get.


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