The War on Guns Will Be Like the War on Drugs

If you want to know what a gun ban in America would look like, think about the war on drugs. Because Dems and leftists are proposing a war on guns, just like the miserably failed war on drugs.

The war on drugs turned millions of drug abusers and drug traders (mostly small-time ones) into criminals. As a result, we have overcrowded prisons and more and more Americans live their lives behind bars. Not because they’re robbers, rapists or murderers – but because the government doesn’t think citizens should use or trade drugs.

When you learn someone’s a felon, the first thing you probably wonder is, “Was it because of drug charges – or violent charges?” That’s because there’s a distinction between real criminals and the criminals we have manufactured through laws against the use or trade of drugs.

The same will happen when guns are banned. Millions of people will not obey the bans. It’s possible that many state and local governments will defy enforcement of the federally imposed bans now proposed by Democrats. And “gun registration” is a prelude to a ban. It will give the government the necessary information to seize everyone’s guns, when the political moment arrives.

In practice, this will turn millions of law-abiding, commendable persons into criminals. They will face legal harassment or even prison sentences merely for their choice to own weapons for self-protection. They will get the SAME treatment as rapists, killers and crooks. They will be treated as real criminals although they will only be criminals under the law because millions of Democrats don’t think even law-abiding people should own guns.

The quest to outlaw guns is a moralistic crusade based on virtue-signaling neurosis and faulty assumptions. That makes the war on guns identical to the failed war on drugs. People who want drugs outlawed argue that it’s morally and psychologically unhealthy for people to abuse drugs. They’re not wrong, of course. But outlawing drugs has done nothing to prevent or even contain their use.

Gun owners are morally and psychologically fit people, unlike most drug abusers. Rounding them up and treating them as criminals will be a far, far more horrific spectacle than anything we’ve seen so far with the war on drugs.

A part of me almost wants to see them try. But I also know it will lead to a level of civil strife and civil warfare – psychological if not actual – not seen since the era of the Civil War and the American Revolution. Let’s be real: America is already on the edge, as it is. If Donald Trump went away tomorrow, that divisiveness would not disappear. In fact, it will only grow, especially with Democrats calling all dissenters “racists” and threatening legal sanctions against anyone who won’t live the way they think everyone should live.

THIS is what’s coming if Democrats and leftists get their wish and a war on guns is declared. We could be a mere one or two elections away from it.

A lot more is at stake here than the Second Amendment. It’s basic liberty as Americans have known it for generations. Are you ready for a battle of this kind, America?



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