Leftists: ANY Lies About Trump Will Do

Fact Check: “No, Donald Trump Did Not Decide to Deport Kids with Cancer”
CLAIM: President Donald Trump is ending “a policy that allows migrants to not be deported while they or their family members receive life-saving medical treatments.” [spread by Joe Biden]
VERDICT: False. There was never any such policy, and all the Trump administration is doing is moving discretion over individual cases from USCIS to ICE. [reported today at Breitbart]

Fake News: It’s becoming a daily occurrence.

You have to remember … Fake news works because it sells. It obviously doesn’t sell to Trump supporters. But it does sell to millions of self-inflated leftists who WANT to be bamboozled.

It should not surprise anyone.

The very people who WANT to be defrauded — so long as the fraud involves something critical about President Trump — are the very same ones who WANT to be defrauded into believing that the government can create medical care out of nothing, free college out of nothing, free and “guaranteed” income without any impact on the morale, earnings or rights of others.

It stands entirely to reason that people willfully ignorant enough to believe in socialism — and all the other insanely stupid things associated with leftism — will tolerate being lied to by simpering idiots like Joe Biden.

Their world view is entirely based on deceit. It’s deceit of self and deceit of others.

This is why fake news will not sway a single pro-Trump voter. It will merely preach to the already self-deceived choir who think the only alternative to Donald Trump is a socialist republic along the Soviet, Cuban or Venezuelan model.

Over our dead bodies, lefties.

The deeper issue is the now psychologically internalized habit of leftists to suspend reason and facts in the name of ideology — stupid, insane ideology at that. It’s an ideology that even many Democratic voters would not have supported as recently as 3 or 4 years ago. They have lost their minds, at least when it comes to the kind of system we will live under.

Only sanity will save us. Behind Joe Biden’s fading cognition and fake smile are the fake news so many leftists desperately wish to believe. In that respect, he’s the perfect candidate for them.


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