Cut Today’s Leftists & Democrats NO Slack

“Public Enemies List: Trump supporters face boycotts, bullying amid calls to be named and shamed” [Fox News headline]

“They want to cost people their livelihoods just because you don’t agree with them politically,” Sam DeMarco, Allegheny County councilman and chairman of the county’s Republican Party, told the local CBS affiliate. “It’s not just absurd, but I believe it’s dangerous.”

DeMarco continued, “People who they just don’t agree with, they want to take and punish. I absolutely believe this is a fascist behavior, and I totally reject it.”

This is real.

Anyone who’s a Trump supporter knows that opponents of the President feel justified in expressing any feeling they wish against opponents. Reason and persuasion are not their methods. Today’s leftists/Democrats are basically of the Antifa mentality: Destroy by any means necessary. Antifa does it physically and through violence. Most opponents of President Trump seek to do it through sneering, intimidation, slander and threats.

Once upon a time, American leftists presumably thought they had reason, facts and logic on their side. They didn’t resort to the level of attack and slander they use now. Many of them didn’t use any. They may have been wrong, but most of them were not evil. They were naive and uninformed enough to believe that socialist “utopias” in places like Cuba and the Soviet Union were genuinely the way of the future.

Today, American leftists obviously don’t believe they have reason, facts and logic on their side. So they resort to the only thing that’s left: Force. Force can take many forms. The obvious form is violence. However, threats, lies and intimidation are an equally potent form of manipulation.

What’s most revealing about Antifa — the terrorist spokespersons of today’s American left — are not their tactics of violence and intimidation against ordinary Trump supporters. What’s most revealing is the total silence and lack of opposition from the Democrats and leftists we now may assume they represent.

Ultimately, the liars and the terrorists are at war with reality. Their methods betray their real insecurity. It doesn’t mean they cannot and will not do a lot of damage along the way. But in the long run, they cannot win, because the destructive, nihilistic nature of statism and socialism cannot create anything. All they have ever done is destroy.

Leftists know it. Today’s leftists are neither innocent nor ignorant. I cut them no slack. And it’s why they continue to intimidate. My advice to Trump supporters or anyone else who still loves freedom? Fight the leftists with everything you’ve got. Buy weapons of self-protection.

The aftermath of the next election — however it goes — will not be pretty. We have to face reality. Arm yourself with good intellectual arguments — not because leftists will ever listen, but so you’ll know them and feel confident in your right to live as a free man or woman. Start with Ayn Rand. Note that her ideas enrage the worst of the leftists, more than those of any other thinker. When you read her works, you’ll understand exactly why.

And most of all: See leftists as the pathetic, weak people they are. Because every time they open their mouths to lie, scream, cry, attack or threaten, they have told you all you need to know. They have no truth or logic on their side. All they have is hatred of Trump — and hatred of YOU. Hate is what animates and motivates them.

It will ultimately get them nowhere.



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