Hong Kong’s Inspiring “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” Moment

HONG KONG LEADER CAVES. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced Wednesday that the government would fully withdraw the bill that launched the ongoing pro-democracy movement from the legislature, ceding to one of the five demands protesters have been posing to the government for the past three months. [Breitbart today]

Imagine a pro-liberty movement in America like we’re now seeing in Hong Kong.

In America, the leftists (perhaps half the country) actually want us enslaved and subservient. The other half — not so much.

But the passion and conviction that Hong Kong citizens have shown against their Communist rulers has been truly inspiring. The phrase, “Give me liberty or give me death” TRULY means something in Hong Kong. Maybe one day it will mean something in America again, too.

Dictators are weak. They are weak against mass numbers of people who simply will not take it any more. But they are also weak when confronted with the idea, “My life does not belong to you. My life does not belong to my fellow citizens, just because you say so. My life belongs to ME. It’s the truth, whether you hold a gun to my head, or not”.

The Chinese Communists are no different than American Communists who now rule the Democratic Party and dominate much of our “deep state” government. They are all emotional and physical abusers. Their alleged strength counts on us NOT grasping or naming that our lives belong to ourselves.

The moment we assert our sovereignty over our own lives is the moment we become truly free.


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