How did Democrats get so radical?

How did Democrats get so radical?

Bill Clinton signed welfare reform and capital gains tax cuts. Although very leftist himself, even Barack Obama was not the full-blown socialist-Communist today’s crop of Democrats are. Joe Biden, a consistent leftist for 50 years, gets to run as a “moderate” alternative to those who seek 90 percent tax rates (evidently he only wants 70 percent). How did it all happen?

The answer is simple: There was nowhere left to go.

Back at the end of Obama’s term, I wrote about how leftists are grouchy. It was before Donald Trump was taken seriously as a presidential candidate. They had already realized all their semi-socialist dreams. They had Obamacare, high taxes, unprecedented regulation and all the rest. They accomplished everything Democrats had promised for decades, and more. The Republican Congress, run by cowards, gave leftists even more than what they demanded. Democrats and politically connected socialists controlled much of the economy. What was left?

There was nothing left…other than the final two legs of the Constitution: The First and Second Amendments.

Going after the right to self-defense — including from the government, most of all — and the right to free speech … that’s what they have left. And they’re going for it. Antifa. 90 percent tax rates. Medicare for all. Free college for all. Guaranteed income for all. Hatred of Jews and Israel — it was always there. Donald Trump is merely their excuse. They wanted it all along, and there was nothing else to go for.

It had to happen, sooner or later. Your underlying premises scream for a consistent conclusion. The party of high taxes, little or no economic growth, perks for the connected rich while punishing real achievement and success — “You didn’t build that” — all had to lead to the only possible, consistent conclusion: totalitarianism.

Leftism/socialism is a hateful philosophy. It’s based on hatred of achievement, profit, individual well-being and success. Leftists either lack these things and envy those who possess competence; or possess competence themselves, and hate themselves for it. Hence the manifestation of socialism. Socialism soothes two of the sickest psychological maladies: Unearned guilt and envy.

You can say you’re not ideological. The fact remains, as I tell people every day in the therapy office: Your ideas underlie your emotions. Ideas are always implicit in your emotions. You cannot escape ideas any more than you can escape emotions. You just can’t!

So that’s it. Leftism had to lead to this. Forget President Trump. He was merely the catalyst. He’s the excuse.

Leftism is the sociopolitical equivalent of suicide-homicide. Yes, it’s THAT bad. Our liberty and freedom are the oxygen we breathe. Our liberty and freedom are what they seek to destroy. There’s no more room for civil differences of opinion. You can’t have civil differences of opinion with people who despise your liberty and want to take it all away. You have to stand up to them as you stand up to any emotional or physical abuser, or any tyrant: Tell them you’re not going to take it anymore, and you WILL fight back.



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