The Sick, Twisted World of Rashida Tlaib & Her Grandmother

So let me get this straight.

The government of Israel refuses to let terrorist-supporting Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib into the country. Because she wants their country obliterated, they don’t want her to enter. Seems reasonable enough.

Then Rashida Tlaib says she wants to go to Israel to visit her grandmother. Israel says OK. It’s a mistake, in my view, because they thought they could appease an irrational, dishonest and evil person. You cannot appease such people, and you should not try.

As soon as they give the green light for Tlaib to visit her grandmother, Tlaib says, “Nope. I changed my mind”.

And now Tlaib’s grandmother publicly wishes for “ruin” to fall on President Trump — and the millions who support him.

Now you can understand why such people are losers. They play the victim even when they’re not the victim. In this case, Israel is the victim. People like Tlaib wish to destroy Israel because they are truly racist, and because they are envious of Israel’s success in a part of the world that is otherwise, for the most part, a socioeconomic pit.

Unfortunately, Israel victimized itself by even granting one inch of compassion or kindness toward this horrifically evil woman and her equally evil grandmother. They should never have budged.

But they did. And now a parade of leftists use it as an opportunity to scream even louder about how mean and “racist” they think President Trump and Israel are. Good grief!

Let’s be real. It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with choices. You see the kinds of choices Tlaib and her grandmother make. Their choices are cynical, manipulative and rude almost to the point of comical. If our media were not so slavishly anti-Trump, anti-American and pro-leftist, this story would not have been given the time of day.

Israel enjoys far more prosperity and liberty than Palestine does because of the choices Israelis, as a group, have made in contrast to the choices Palestinians have made.

You get what you choose. And if you call yourself a victim because of your own choices, you have revealed what a loser you really are.

It’s not just Tlaib and her grandmother who are despicable. It’s the many who cheer them on. It sickens me to share a country with them, quite frankly.


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