Reflections on the Unhinged Left

This note from a long-time reader of says it all:

Howdy Dr. Hurd,

You and I go back a long time at this point. I remember when I would speak to you monthly back in the ’90s. We spoke of so many subjects. I specifically remember after 911 happened and we spoke about the future and where our country and culture was headed.

Here we are, in that future.

I genuinely used to work to have engaging, intelligent conversations with people who I fundamentally disagreed with. These people, at least 10 years ago, were much more subtle in their views, they still had some reasonability, even in their deflective approach to the conversations.

Fast forward to today: I have been more disgusted than I can express. I guess that is why I am writing this as I don’t know where to scream.

The left, the media, the mainstream culture [have] lost their collective minds! Reason be damned. The people I encounter snicker, make innuendos about Trump, dismiss any real conversation, make faces, call me racist, it’s literally insanity. They have zero knowledge of the spirit of America, or they just have hatred if they do.

I used to hold the concept of calling someone evil, a level that is of the most vile murders and violations. I have moved in my view to those like the Squad, Biden, the whole crop of Prez candidates….and more…..The democratic leadership, are in many ways WORSE.

They act under some disgusting premise and disguise as if THEY ARE THE MORAL ones. Slavery, murder, and all the equivalent immoral acts are easily identifiable as evil…..these people though….they are worse because I really believe they know what they are doing is immoral, unjust and just plain WRONG. That makes them culpable at a level just as [evil]. If you promote an [ideology] that leads against the values of mankind and toward a philosophy of death, you are accountable.

I hear your tone in your posts daily. You have shifted too. This is no longer a disagreement any longer. This is truly a civil war.

I fear we are at that point today. I don’t love Trump, but heck—-thank god for Trump. If they ever get power and come for our guns, it’s going to be ugly.

They should read the history books. The regulars tried that with Concord and Lexington. That didn’t work out too well for them.

Thanks for listening,

Be well sir…keep up the posts and the good fight.


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