Beware the Reformed “Peace & Brotherhood” Leftists

I suppose 30 years of being a therapist has given me a really good B.S. detector. The worst lies, I have learned, are the lies people tell themselves. And the worst of these people try to inflict these lies on others. A therapist’s job, among other things … is NOT to buy the B.S.

In that context, here’s the latest leftist tactic I see some self-described progressives employing. Explicitly or implicitly, it boils down to: “I’m tired of the meanness and divisiveness. I’m not going to talk about politics or government any more. I’m going to be loving and kind to everyone”.

But the obvious question here is: Have you changed your views? Do you now think it’s wrong for Maxine Waters to tell people to attack Trump supporters at gas stations? Do you now think it’s bad for people to shoot at Republican Congressmen because they support Trump on a few things, and voted for tax cuts? Do you now believe it’s immoral for Senator Rand Paul’s neighbor to assault him while the Senator’s cutting the grass — just because the neighbor doesn’t like Paul’s views?

And what about Antifa? They stand for the same thing as the Democratic Party platform. They argue it with violence and terrorism. I heard no condemnation of Antifa from any of these leftists before. Will I hear it now?

There are many, many more examples from the last two years alone.

If a leftist comes out and says, “I now renounce and denounce all the hatred against Trump supporters” they would retain a little bit of credibility. But of course they won’t do that. You’re left to judge for yourself why not; but it probably has something to do with why they never renounced and denounced such things in the first place.

And even if they DID renounce these things, what about socialism? Socialism is theft. Sure, they don’t call it that. They call it investment and kindness. But it’s legalized theft. There’s no getting around it. If you don’t obey the socialists, they take you to jail. Ditto if you don’t hand over your guns and refrain from criticism of leftist views (they call it “hate speech”.)

How kind is it to take people’s property away? How kind is it to disarm peaceful people, leaving them helpless against criminals since the police will not always deliver? How kind is it to shut up people for their views, or even shoot at them?

How kind is it to steal someone’s job — someone’s livelihood — by raising minimum wages to $15 or $20 dollars an hour? People who need jobs the most will lose them. And what about 70 or 90 percent tax rates? “It’s only the rich”, they’ll say. But the rich are the ones who provide most of the jobs. Not to mention most of the private health care and taxes to pay for public health care. How kind is it to impair if not destroy the economic prosperity the middle class and working class count on to survive? Destroying the wealthy might bring a sense of moral righteousness and satisfaction to the person who fancies himself “progressive”. But what about the people it hurts? Not to mention the actual property rights of the people from whom the government steals. Your Constitutional and property rights don’t end the moment you make a certain income.

None of these things are addressed by the people saying, “I have now turned to love, peace and brotherhood.”

No, they haven’t suddenly adopted peace, love and brotherhood. There’s nothing about socialism, progressivism or leftism that’s peaceful and loving.

I’m not buying it. Not for a second.



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