Democrats Ignore the Second Amendment — and Your Rights Go With It

Democrats are prepared to obliterate the Second Amendment simply by ignoring it. Joe Biden recently made it very clear in an interview he’s “coming for your guns”. Will he even bother to launch a campaign to repeal the Second Amendment? Why bother? He’s counting on nobody caring.

These dangerous leftist Democrats don’t care about individual rights. They don’t care about the Bill of Rights. You can say, “Who cares about politics”? But whatever you value in your life counts on you retaining your liberty. You might ask, “I don’t own a gun and don’t plan to own a gun — so who cares?”

That isn’t the point. The point is the message you send to a politician when he proposes wiping out the Bill of Rights — under your watch — with your doing nothing more than yawning, returning to your smart phone and hoping there’s a new free health care or free student loan payoff coming your way.

This is NOT how you keep a republic. It’s not how you keep your freedom. And once your freedom is gone, try pursuing all the other things you now take for granted as your right to do. Your vacations, your hobbies, your sports and entertainment interests, your choice of romantic partners, children — all those are because of freedom. It’s not going to happen the same way once your freedom is gone, and once you operate totally by permission of the government.

It’s not just about guns. It’s about liberty.

You can say, “I’m all right with the Democrats taking away extreme freedom, because they want the things I want”. It doesn’t work that way. Once you let anyone take your freedom away and ignore your individual rights, then you’re in the same position as all these poor people clamoring to get into the USA. What do you think they’re fleeing? They have no gun rights and there’s no capitalism where they live.

The ONLY liberty I see Democrats in favor of expanding is the right to smoke pot. Think about it. The ONLY right they support expanding is one that makes you dull and stupid. What does that tell you?

Courage and common sense started the greatest republic and civilization known to history. If we let that noble legacy fall into the hands of moronic horror shows like Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren and their brazenly corrupt cronies, it will be a very sad end to a really great era of human development. But it will be the end of your own life as you know it, too.

If you think an authoritarian or totalitarian dictatorship is the only alternative to Donald Trump, then you are so ignorant you probably deserve to lose your freedom.

But be on notice: millions of us still plan to fight for it.


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