China Sounds a Lot Like the USA’s Democratic Party

Pro-democracy protests are a “form of warfare employed by the West to destabilize certain countries” and the peaceful Hong Kong protest movement is an American-fabricated attempt to weaken China from within, the Communist Party’s People’s Daily suggested on Monday. [Breitbart News]

Hmm…This sounds a lot like the Establishment Left in the USA.

The Chinese government is basically saying, “Stop questioning us. There’s nothing wrong with how we’re doing things”.

The people beg to differ.

In the US, it was the same thing in 2016, and will be again in 2020 with Trump supporters and other dissidents. We’re basically all saying, “We hate the way things are. Our government is lost, corrupt and hopeless”.

Corrupt governments don’t like to be challenged or questioned. Not in China, and not in the US.



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