“Make America Think Again”

“Make America Think Again”. I love the sentiment. But it all depends on WHAT you think.

If you THINK that socialism — Medicare for all, college for all, free everything for all, along with 90 percent tax rates on the most productive — is the answer, then you had better think again.

If you THINK that banning guns will keep guns out of the hands of criminals, you had better think again.

If you THINK that you can get something for nothing by voting for it rather than openly breaking into your neighbor’s house and taking it (morally, it’s the same thing) — then you had better think again.

If you THINK things that are erroneous, wrong or just plain stupid, then thinking will not save you. It’s WHAT you think that counts.

I read somewhere that “ideas move man, and man moves the world”. It’s profoundly true. Your ideas are what move you. Your ideas are what lead you to feel and act the way you do. It’s impossible to escape actions and emotions. So you had better make sure your ideas are rational, correct and true.

Whether you’re an individual, or a society, the principle is the same. THINK … but when you’re wrong, think again.


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