If We Get Socialism, and You Vote Democrat, It’s on YOU

Dictators and Democrats have no respect for themselves, for others or for human nature.

Just look at them. They’re caricatures. They’re creeps.

Socialists are dictators. They’re control freaks. They’re narcissistic or borderline personalities (look those up).

They have no confidence in freedom because they have no confidence in people. They have no regard for human reason, and the individualism, economic freedom and individual rights such reasoning requires. Socialists don’t think — they just FEEL — and they don’t trust others to think, either.

They despise the masses they claim to love. Socialists love masses — not individuals. They don’t love people. On the surface, they act like Santa Claus. “I’m going to give you free everything!” they declare. But they’re not giving anybody anything. They’re seizing wealth from productive people and giving it to people who choose to believe them. They’re ROBBING, not giving.

It’s sick. It’s sad. It’s wrong. Yet it’s what one of our two political parties is now offering. In the United States of America! Right now it’s an offer. Give them power, and it will no longer be an offer. It would be one gigantic, interminable mandate.

Look at the madness in the eyes and minds of people like Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren and all the other soulless flakes with an unhealthy lust for power over others. It’s real. And it’s your future, if you give them more power than they already have.

If you don’t vote for Donald Trump (and, yes, Republicans) in 2020, then you’re voting FOR socialism. If you don’t vote at all, you’re going to LET socialism happen. If it’s not on your conscience, it should be.

It’s that simple. Because Democrats, by adopting full-fledged socialism, have made it that way.

Think about what you’re giving up if you hand America over to the people who despise themselves and who despise all of us.

YOU are responsible if you let it happen.


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