Rest in Peace, Ross Perot

Ross Perot died yesterday. He lost in 1992. (I voted for him then.) His agenda won in 2016, and hopefully again in 2020 and beyond. RIP, Ross Perot.

Whatever anyone thinks of Trump or Perot, things have become so bad that all we’re down to is a choice between (1) destroy America, or (2) restore America.

Reasonable parties can disagree on HOW to restore America. But the Democratic left, who dominates media/academia and represents about half the voters, is either too evil or simply too stupid to abandon its unblinking course of destroy America — via socialism, totalitarianism and outright mindlessness.

I think Ross Perot sensed that’s where we were heading in the 1990s, and today President Trump has boldly declared it’s so. By the way, Ayn Rand named it all back in 1957 when she published Atlas Shrugged. It’s not prophecy, it’s logic. When you adopt impossibly stupid and evil assumptions, those assumptions will eventually bring you down. When you course correct those assumptions — the world is yours.



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