Why All the Celebrity Leftism?

Celebrities are, for the most part, ignorant and wrong on the sociopolitical issues they speak up about. It’s clear they have read little to nothing on subjects like history, immigration, economics, philosophy, ethics and psychology. Yet they speak as if they have full authority on these topics, bordering on infallibility.

The real question isn’t why these actors, musicians and sports stars spew and foist their ignorance on a beleaguered public. They are entertainers and performers. Seeking attention is what they do.

The real question is: Why do they think we will listen? Why do they count on us NOT to punish them economically? What have WE done to convey to them NO accountability for their toxic and destructive efforts to advance dictatorship in America?

Stupid people tend to assume their victims are as ignorant as they are. If most of us are NOT that stupid, it’s time to start showing them so, by tuning them out.

We can live without them. Entertainment is a joyful aspect of living in a free society. But if these twits wish to use their skills to help turn America into a decisively un-free country, then maybe we’re better off focusing on other activities in our free time.


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