How Snowflakes Define a “Dictator”

I recently saw a leftist Facebook post referring to President Trump as a “dictator”. No surprise, except for the reason given. Why is Trump supposedly a dictator? False claims that he colluded with Russia, or plans to impose martial law to shut down CNN? No. The reason given for Trump being a “dictator” was that he shows support for “far right” conservatives like Candace Owens, repeatedly suspended on social media.

So let me make sure I understand. “Dictatorship” does NOT merely consist of things like shutting down newspapers and websites, seizing private property without cause or imprisonment of political enemies for their viewpoints alone. To a leftist, “dictatorship” consists of showing support for people with whom you agree about things like cutting taxes, strengthening the military, securing our nation’s borders and protecting the First and Second Amendments.

If you disagree with a leftist, and exercise your freedom of speech in doing so … then you’re a dictator. Wow. Now THERE’S a recipe for dictatorship!

Every time I take a moment to tune in CNN or MSNBC, or read leftist posts on social media, I realize things are far worse than I suspected.

These people actually see it as an act of dictatorship to disagree with them. They feel entitled not just to be free from the imposition of physical force, as we all should feel. They feel entitled to be free from having to live in a world where anyone disagrees with them. Which explains the tyrannical, nasty, abusive and authoritarian attitude that most leftists display.

My question: If they want President Trump deposed by any means necessary merely because he likes conservative commentators, what do they have in store for his supporters?

We’re not going away. And if President Trump gets a second term, just imagine the tantrums to follow.


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