Note to Facebook & Twitter: You Can’t Get Rid of Hate, Even When It’s Real

People think that by outlawing “hate speech” you can get rid of hate.

You can’t. It’s ignorant and naive to assume you can.

When someone has irrational hatred in their minds, getting rid of its expression does not get rid of the hatred. If anything, it makes it worse. When you repress something, it takes on a false righteousness of its own. When you repress something, you make it about the repression rather than the issue itself. If you’re trying to make a point by opposing hatred, you distract the hater from it by repressing it.

As deplorable as hatred may be, you don’t rid yourself of it by not hearing it. Yes, it’s preferable not to hear it, and that’s a reasonable choice when the choice means to shut it out of your personal life. But just because something is out of your consciousness does not mean it doesn’t exist. That’s what censoring control freaks who seek government “regulation” of hatred do not understand.

By the way, and this is very important: Hatred is not always irrational or bad. If you’re a LOVER of liberty and freedom, you’re a HATER of Communism and Nazism. What’s wrong with that? If you’re a LOVER of beauty and truth, you’re a HATER of ugliness and falsehood. What’s wrong with that? If you’re a LOVER of rationality, you hate the willfully stupid and violent. Why is hate automatically and always wrong?

The only way to denounce all hatred on principle, as we do today, is to love nothing.

How horrible is that, social media corporate leftists?


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