Fake News: Opiate of the Deranged

President Trump suggests we change the libel laws to hold fake news media accountable for their deliberate lies. He cited the recent New York University professor’s false attribution of the president as a case in point.

Actually, there’s another issue to consider. Fake News media sells because it works. It doesn’t work with rational people. But it does work with people who are, quite literally, deranged by their hatred of President Trump. And also by their love of absurd and ridiculous ideas such as socialism and the left-wing form of fascism on the rise today.

Such people hate President Trump because he’s brash and uncompromising. If you think of leftist media, academic and corporate elites as little bullies — they are — they detest Trump because he’s the ultimate whistle-blower on the bullies. In this regard, he’s the hero that non-leftists have been waiting literally decades for.

The last time non-leftists had this was President Ronald Reagan, who was in office before some of us were born. He conquered his enemies with wit and charm, but that was a different era. Today’s lefties are totalitarian, inhuman and downright dangerous bullies. They openly attack the First and Second Amendments on a daily basis, and they mean to disarm all dissenters. They need a President Trump to stand up to them — at the very least.

I don’t know how or if we can change libel laws to hold these leftist liars more accountable. I do know one thing for sure: There are certain types of people who WANT to be lied to. Their entire narrative is based on a lie. It has nothing to do with Trump, over the long-run, at least. It has everything to do with stupid, discredited, and flat-out wrong ideas. Ideas such as socialism; that terrorism is America’s fault; that government intervention and taxation lead to more prosperity; that weakening the military makes us stronger; and that unlimited debt based on faulty monetary theory can create an open-border utopia of free goodies for the entire planet.

THESE are the lies that Trump haters start out by believing. Is it any wonder they’re so willing to listen to the lies of New York University professors and phony news networks?

The Trump haters are the most dangerous kinds of fools. They’re wrong, but it’s worse than that. They’re determined to stamp out all dissension to make them seem right. They need it to sustain their own sense of pseudo-serenity.

Lying is one way to go about it. If nobody is stating the truth — or even the obvious — then you’re safe to live with your delusions.

President Trump is the most glaring psychological roadblock ever seen to the self-deceit practiced by leftists. May he never quit.


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