Imagine Bernie Sanders Leading Us in the Cold War

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., on Friday defended his support of left-wing regimes and his antiwar activism in the 1980s, saying, “I did my best” to stop American foreign policy during the administration of former President Ronald Reagan.


What exactly was the foreign policy of Ronald Reagan? It was peace through strength. And it worked.

When Reagan came into office, the U.S. was losing the Cold War badly. Soviet Russia was on the march in Afghanistan. By the time Reagan left office, the Cold War was over, finished and won.

Is THIS the foreign policy Bernie Sanders wanted to stop? If so, why? He won’t be asked to defend himself. The vast majority of those in the media agree with him. They always did.

Snowflakes educated in leftist government-run schools over the last 10-20 years probably don’t even know there was a Cold War. And they certainly weren’t taught that Ronald Reagan won it.

Bernie Sanders is an idiot. But his positions were the positions of his party at the time. That includes Joe Biden. Will they ever be asked to defend their position of siding with the totalitarian losers, to this day? I somehow doubt it.

Who knows where America would be today without Ronald Reagan, and if people like Bernie Sanders were in charge back then. And who knows where the hell we’ll be in another 5 or 10 years if ignorant Americans give Sanders (or Joe Biden) the reins of power.


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