National Defense: It Didn’t Used to Be Controversial

The United States Air Force has reportedly deployed 20 new missiles to deal with the escalating threats from North Korea and Iran that can “zap” their military electronics, thus rendering their militaries completely ineffective.

“Known as the Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP), the missiles were built by Boeing’s Phantom Works for the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and tested successfully in 2012,” The Daily Mail reported. “They have not been operation[al] until now.”

The whole point of a military is to defend us. To defend ourselves, we have to believe we’re worth defending.

That may sound absurd. But self-esteem applies to a society of individuals, as well as to a single individual.

Before President Trump, a majority of Americans twice elected a man who treated our open, objective enemies as friends. It was almost as if he was on their side, particularly with Iran. These weapons of self-defense would never have been built under an Obama administration. If they had existed, they would never have been deployed. Instead, the Obama administration unfroze Iranian assets, which in practice meant giving their terrorism-sponsoring government the moral and physical-fiscal means for building weapons of mass destruction against Israel (one of America’s only friends), and ultimately against America itself.

If the people who voted for Obama felt like they, their children and their society were worth defending, they would never have voted twice for a man who openly helped our enemies.

If the people who voted for Obama DO feel like they, their country and their children are worth protecting, then voting twice for Obama is … well, insanely ignorant and stupid.

President Trump is not a radical. He’s not “extreme”. He’s simply on our side. That didn’t used to be controversial.

When it comes to potentially mortal foes like North Korea and Iran, he wants to defeat them. The question is how. But it’s never a question of whether they should be defeated, not with President Trump or those who support him. These governments are evil, the latest in a long string of evil governments who will only do harm to others.

It’s sad and frightening that it’s now considered radical, wrong and extreme to be on America’s side against obvious enemies. But that’s where we are. So long as President Trump is in office, at least we have a chance.


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