Buttigieg’s “Erase Jefferson” Movement

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said Friday that things named after President Thomas Jefferson should be renamed because that’s the “right thing to do.”

Well, of course.

Jefferson authored the Declaration of Independence, the original manifesto of individual rights. It gave rise to America and its Constitution. It set the stage for the eventual elimination of slavery.

Communists and socialists hate the individual. They hate individualism and any form of government that supports the sovereignty of the individual over the mob.

In their warped vision, rights belong only to the government. Glorified gangs and thugs led by professional politicians like himself let us operate not by right, but by permission.

What an ignorant, twisted mindset.

This stupid man and his party are irredeemably hopeless.

We’re supposed to respect this creep because he’s a veteran. What kind of veteran wants Jefferson eradicated from our history? Madness.


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