Would Snowflakes Accept the Draft?

Snowflakes hate Trump. They want socialism, collectivism or Communism. Under those systems, they have to serve the government, usually in the military. Under those systems, right after high school, they’re drafted into compulsory service.

Picture the typical snowflake who supports Bernie Sanders, AOC, or whomever. Can you see such a person going willingly to a state-run service camp? On what basis would they oppose it? They claim not to believe in the selfishness and self-interest of individualism. They only believe in service and “giving back”. Doesn’t this apply to them, too? And, if so, shouldn’t they go willingly? To serve the master they so desperately seem to want?

They claim Trump is authoritarian. They claim freedom and liberty are dictatorship. It would ALMOST be worth it to watch these twits face the reality of their own ideological and idiotic choices. Almost.

Unless the majority of these young people change their minds, that’s where America will be in a generation or less.


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