Why Leftists Are Hypocrites

Why are so many leftists and socialists hypocrites?

It’s simple.

When you seek or claim to practice the impossible, you will not succeed.

Their hypocrisy is their inability to bring into existence the irrational. Some of them do NOT mean what they say when they claim things like, “Free health care for all, equal wealth for all, no more fossil fuels, 90 percent tax rates…” The more horrifying possibility is that some of them DO mean it. It’s horrifying if any of these loons gain power, as more and more of them are managing to do.

If an idea is fundamentally irrational, wrong and impossible to practice, then anyone who espouses it — by definition — will be a hypocrite. It should come as no surprise.

If any of them are honest, they’ll eventually come around to reality and say, “Maybe I’m missing something.” I know of absolutely NOBODY on the left side of things who does that now. My explanation? They wouldn’t be leftists — not with the overwhelming evidence against socialism — if they were intellectually honest and fully rational. They’re holding onto something that’s irrational because, quite frankly, they were irrational in the first place to adopt it.

“Irrational” could perhaps include honest ignorance, but in America we’re still free enough, and there’s more than enough common sense-level data to be found, to challenge the insanity of socialism. So there’s really no reason in the twenty-first century, living under the benefits of capitalism, to vote for the people these Democrats are voting into office.

I can only hold the pitiful graduates of Common Core government-run schools so blameless, because alternative ideas to the indoctrination they received in schools are available to them. Catholic kids taught silly things by nuns in the 1950s opted out of what they were taught, so why can’t today’s leftist-bred public school grads? A minority of them do, of course, and they are my personal heroes. Most of them opt out of hearing alternative, reasonable ideas because … well, perhaps because they have been trained by these same government-run schools (along with an increasingly mindless culture) to think with their feelings.

It’s sad, but nothing other than a commitment to understanding things as they really, objectively and actually ARE will ever save you. Whether the crisis is personal or sociopolitical, the solution is the same: facts, reason, reality. That includes the capitalism whose clothes you’re wearing on your body, in the fuels driving the car your parents bought you, all the food available to you (healthy and otherwise), and all the rest.

Socialism and leftism are the sociopolitical equivalent of psychosis. Heaven help America (and the world) if we decisively go down that road.


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