Why Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Give Government the Power to Censor

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr is knocking down Mark Zuckerberg’s proposal for the government to regulate “divisive speech”.

Flying pig alert: The government doesn’t want more power. (That’s a quote from a reader.)

Well, at least not the CURRENT government.

If Democrats were fully in power, they’d be licking their chops at the prospect of working with Facebook to censor ALL speech, not just speech on Facebook.

If you don’t yet grasp that today’s leftists are fascists, then you will be the last and loudest to scream when you’re eventually unable to speak, write or log your thoughts online because people like Mark Zuckerberg consider your views “hate speech”.

Zuckerberg admits it’s challenging for Facebook to keep customers and, at the same time, delete all the comments he’d like to delete (translation: any non-leftist comments). That’s why he means it when he says he wants the government involved.

Zuckerberg does not merely wish the government to regulate Facebook. He wants the government to CENSOR dissenting speech, which means anyone reading this right now.

He’s frustrated that Facebook lacks the power of guns, prisons, laws and fines. That’s the fascism of modern leftism, packaged as a smug, fawning concern with being lovable. It’s sick, evil, twisted and toxic.

Thank goodness we still have President Trump and the current FCC to help provide a firewall against these mortal threats to our first and most precious of rights: The right to free speech.

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