Youth Isn’t Everything

Youth is not an intrinsic virtue.

Some young people are stupid, and they will stay stupid. They won’t actualize their potential, as (sadly) many people don’t.

Older people can show you what they’ve got. You know what their values are, what they’ve been able to accomplish, and what they’re really about.

With someone more established, you have a better opportunity to know the real story. Being older is not an intrinsic virtue, either. Some older people have stupid ideas, and their bitterness and cynicism stem more from their own years of self-betrayal than anything else.

That’s why age doesn’t matter to me. The qualities I look for in people are (sadly) so rare I’d rather not worry about things like age, race, gender or anything else demographic.

What really matters is how people think, and how true they are to their ideas and values in practice.

Thought and action … mind and body.

Regardless of the age, those usually tell you all you need to know.



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