Election Laws? They’re For the Little People

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was slapped with another complaint filed with the Federal Elections Committee (FEC) on Wednesday that alleges she was involved in a “subsidy scheme” that violated campaign finance laws.

Don’t you understand?

Tyrants don’t view laws as applicable to them. Laws, to them, are not about fairness and justice. Laws are simply a way to control other people.
Election laws are mostly written by hard-left attorneys and Democrats. They were never intended to rein in a Democrat or a socialist. They were intended to curb the spending and speech of Republicans. The premise of such laws was that Republicans have way more money than Democrats, and that Republicans must, therefore, be forced to spend less. It’s only fair, they screamed.

It’s ironic. Because most of today’s millionaires and billionaires are hard-left Democrats. Hollywood, the corporate world, Starbucks, social media–they are nearly ALL leftists. They don’t answer to election laws because, being connected to the Deep State that exercises influence even during a Trump administration, they can do whatever they want.

In truth, socialists AND right-wingers alike should be free to speak and spend however they wish. It’s not for government to mandate any of this. The problem is that Democrats and socialists are tyrants and hypocrites. They want to stop people from disagreeing with them by any means necessary. They need spending on the right curbed or eliminated because the right defends things like the Bill of Rights, gun rights and free markets.

Ocasio-Cortez will not lose any sleep over this. In her subjective and irrational universe, she’s morally superior to everyone. She can do whatever the heck she wants. Laws and rules are for the little people.



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