Why the Hell Are Immigrants Democrats?

As “an immigrant, minority, Asian woman”, new Daily Caller video columnist Lisa Smiley understands why many people think she “should be a Democrat”.
However, as Smiley explains in this Daily Caller video, she’s not about to join a party that seeks to “reduce people to their group’s identity”. Sadly, the party that “claims to be the party of immigrants, minorities, the marginalized and women”, and to “represent the little guy, and stand up to those conservative Republicans against the evil white male privilege”, doesn’t speak for her or her values.

“So, as an immigrant minority Asian woman, the Democratic Party does not speak for me, nor does it represent any of my values”, she said. “You reduce people to their group’s identity, and frankly it’s degrading. And that is why I’m not a Democrat.”

Eloquent words. It remains to be seen whether enough immigrants and “people of color” sign on to Smiley’s view. If America as we know it is to survive, they will have to do so. If they don’t, then we will eventually become Venezuela, Mexico or some other s***hole country, NOT because of racist assumptions, but because excellence, prosperity and liberty can ONLY thrive in a land where individualism rules.

Remember: Individualism is the extreme opposite of racism. Individualism defines you by your character; racism defines you by your group membership. Democrats only care about group membership (often racial), and detest individualism to the core.

It’s ironic. The Democratic Party sucks in vulnerable minorities on the premise that, “We like you, the little guys. We’re on YOUR side.” But none of the Democrats are little guys. They are men and women of powerful positions in government, hugely influential positions in entertainment and business, and usually individuals with lots and lots of wealth. If these “big guy” Democrats really cared for “the little guy”, they’d say, “Freedom and capitalism, and our Bill of Rights, make all this possible. It doesn’t guarantee success, not for anyone. But it guarantees the possibility for everyone. If I did it, you can too.” Instead, Democrats tell them lies and use these immigrants’ ignorance, vulnerability and frankly (in some cases) stupidity to turn America into the very places they flee. It’s madness, it’s hypocrisy and it’s just plain evil.

Kudos to Lisa Smiley for taking a courageous stand against the Establishment of socialism and leftism progressively bringing down our once great society.




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