Leftism is Bullying

Leftism, like its brainchild socialism, is an ideology of bullying. It’s all about control, false superiority, and submission. It’s physical control but also intellectual, which is why they emphasize the need to eradicate never-defined “hate speech”. They try to intimidate you, the opposition, by claiming you’re crude, impolite, “deplorable” or lacking civility when–as with President Trump–you stand up to them, in any way. That’s the classic and inevitable response of a bully. They name-call and ultimately attack when threatened. In their political and cultural lifetime, they have never been challenged in this way. That’s what the prolonged temper tantrums are really about. It now looks like Donald Trump really could win reelection in 2020. If that happens, ready yourself for a wave of lunacy, hysteria and unbridled rage unlike anything we have seen to date.


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