Senator Feinstein: You Created These Little Monsters

On his talk radio show Monday, Rush Limbaugh addressed the viral video of an encounter between California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and a group of children pushing democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s far-left and logistically impossible “Green New Deal.”

The situation, Limbaugh suggested, reveals a “scary” reality created by the Left, including Democrats like Feinstein and now, in a more radical way, Ocasio-Cortez. Not only do the kids have “no concept of representative republican government” — believing it simply means that they’re entitled to “get their way” and, if not, get to “shout and proclaim things” —some of them appear to be genuinely “scared to death” about climate change. These are the “scary, scary” consequences of an education system that has embraced left-wing indoctrination, said the host. [Source: The Daily Wire]

Yes, it’s the education system. Our education system is a government-run system. Of course it creates monsters. Government and education never should have been one. We don’t make religion and government one. Most of us realize that would be a catastrophe — for religion as well as the victims created by the government-religion merger. Why should we be surprised when government-run education yields the exact same result, as demonstrated by these mindless, brain-dead kids lecturing a leftist Democratic Senator (of all things!) about the need for a Communistic “green” totalitarian “new deal”.

The problem runs deeper than government or the school system. The real problem? Teaching kids to think with their feelings. For decades now, children have been taught — in and out of school — that their feelings are all-knowing, all-important and the only means of comprehending reality.

As a result, stupid ideas make “sense” to children because the only sense they know is what feels good. Because virtually everyone in the culture in sports, politics, entertainment — as well as their government-run schools — like the FEEL of environmentalism, it’s not difficult to see why children come to blindly accept incredibly stupid and destructive ideas such as the “Green New Deal”, which will destroy civilization as we know it, starting with the tearing down of every single building in that civilization and the inability to drive cars or fly airplanes, after another few years.

Teaching human beings to think with their feelings turns people into monsters. It makes them narcissistic. It creates a pervasive sense of helplessness within them that leads them to latch onto whatever feels good in a desperate attempt to have some sense of control over their destiny. It’s a futile prospect, because you cannot and will never gain control over your destiny via feelings alone. At some point, you have to identify and apply concepts such as reason, self-responsibility, objectivity and things that are now becoming radical (bordering on the illegal) to utter aloud.

We have created little monsters through these school systems that preach not only political correctness, but also the deeper fallacy that we can think, reason and know reality through our feelings alone. We can’t! I don’t know of any civilization worth mentioning where objectivity and facts were made subordinate to feelings. In earlier generations in America, the objectivity of truth and limits of feelings were taken for granted. Do you think we would have settled the wild Western frontier, built the Brooklyn Bridge, put a man on the moon or developed the science-fiction-like technology we now take for granted today if generations of children were taught to think with their feelings?

Senator Dianne Feinstein, for decades, helped create and foster the education establishment that created the little mindless monsters who assaulted her with shockingly ignorant and stupid (even for children) ideas about how to destroy civilization in the name of progress.

You created this, lady. So now what do you — and your kind in the cultural-political-educational establishment — intend to do about it?


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