Reason: Socialism’s Kryptonite

Socialists and Democrats have no objective case for their policies. If they did, they would be rational. They’d be angry at President Trump, Republicans and other dissenters, of course. They’d be critical. But they wouldn’t be physically attacking people for wearing MAGA hats. They wouldn’t push for laws against “hate speech”, defined as any speech with which they disagree. They would not seek to disarm peaceful people.

Socialists and Democrats are frightened. They are weak. They have no case. They know it, and they act out this knowledge through their nastiness, threats, intimidation and violence.

It makes sense, on its own terms. Socialism is about force. Socialism will, in the end, turn the nation into one gigantic prison camp. Income, health care, education, finances — they will all be subject to government control and authority.

Sure, they want abortion and pot-smoking legal. But that’s just to appease the masses. They care nothing for liberty. They want people stupid, ignorant and brutal.

Once you understand that Democrats and socialists (same thing now) are really after coercion, then all their violence and intimidation logically follows.

The deeper issue is reason. Socialists want to do your reasoning for you. They don’t want you to think. They want to think and decide everything for you. When they say, “Don’t worry. We’ll cover your health care. We’ll pay for your college and graduate school. We’ll buy your house. We’ll do everything,” what they really mean is, “Don’t worry. We’ll do all the thinking for you.”

Socialists require a society where reason has died out. Socialism rises in the embers of reason’s prior achievements. When you think The Age of Enlightenment — an era of commerce, invention, scientific and technological advancements — you don’t likewise think of socialism. Reason leads to and requires freedom. Freedom includes capitalism, because capitalism simply means economic freedom — for both customer and seller, by the way. When you wish to think, when you know how to think, and when you WANT to think — liberty and freedom are requirements. They’re not optional. Advocates of socialism understand this better than freedom’s defenders. That’s why they work so hard to make us stupid.

When you hear socialists scream insane and irrational things, remember: That’s what they’re selling. They hate you when you’re rational. They hate you when you’re calm, certain, and determined to uphold your inalienable right to think — and act — for yourself.

The thinking, independent individual is the most inspiring thing there is. And it’s what the socialists fear the most. It’s their Kryptonite. Remember that!


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