Earth to Democrats: “Deplorables” Never Going Away

Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw Urges Democrats To Pay Federal Workers: Stop Using Them As ‘Pawns’, says a headline.

It’s interesting. Republicans are the party of limited — or at least  less — government. It makes sense they can tolerate or even embrace a prolonged government shutdown.

But Democrats are the party of more government, if not unlimited government. The vast majority of government employees with delayed paychecks are presumably Democrats.

If the Democratic leadership really cared about government as the most important thing, then why would they leave their workers out in the cold — without paychecks — all so they can stop a $5 billion wall that most of them fully supported only a few short years ago? They won’t even compromise. It’s truly mind-boggling on its own terms.

The hatred and loathing for President Donald Trump must be so great — so breathtaking in severity — that Democrats will let their workers go without paychecks for weeks and months on end. It makes no sense, even for them.

Donald Trump cannot be allowed to win anything. He has to be destroyed — at all costs, according to the Democrats. It’s so important to destroy him that they’re willing even to sacrifice their own.

What will they get at the end of it all? That’s the question. Democrats are irrational. They act and speak as if destroying Donald Trump will make all of their problems go away. But Donald Trump exists — as a  President — because millions upon millions of people don’t like where the country has been, and where it was going. Barack Obama sneered at dissenters for eight long years and Republicans in Congress gave him every single thing he wanted, in the end. That’s what gave rise to the Republican and independent rage. Are Democrats really stupid and foolish enough to think that movement will die with Donald Trump — assuming they even can totally destroy him?

The genie is out of the bottle. Deplorables and dissenters are not going away. Not for the foreseeable, and probably not ever. Democrats are delusional to act as if they will. But that’s not surprising. Democrats are the party of lost causes, none the least of which socialism. It’s no wonder they won’t let go.


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