One Good Thing About Occasional-Cortex

There’s one good thing about the awful Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez: She’s making the socialism vs. capitalism debate about morality.

Because without a debate over morality, the debate will never be over.

She states unequivocally: “Socialism is moral. Capitalism is immoral”.

What she’s really saying is: Being able to keep what you earn is immoral.

Of course, in her mind, you never earned it. If you sell a product or service that millions wish to buy, and in the process you make millions or even billions of dollars — well, it’s simply wrong of you to keep it. Not only to keep it, but to decide what to do with it. Who will decide? Your betters, of course. Alexandra Occasional-Cortex herself, and people like her.

It’s nothing more than asset seizure. It’s legalized plunder. It’s legalized theft. It’s worse than outright robbery, because real robbers must run from the law. In the case of socialism, the law itself is stealing your property! It’s beyond monstrous!

Nothing could be less moral than socialism. So if it’s a moral debate people like these socialists wish to have, let’s embrace and welcome it. Because morality is where capitalism shines the most.

Capitalism is justice. Capitalism means private property. Think of your most prized possession, regardless of its economic value. THAT’S the essence of private property. When you spit on capitalism or make light of it, you spit on your own most prized possessions.

Capitalism means intellectual and mental freedom. It means people making up their own minds about how, where and with whom to spend their money. It means keeping what you earn, or giving it away — only if you CHOOSE. What you “earn” is defined as whatever someone gave to you voluntarily.

Marxists and socialists lie. They say that capitalism is a form of force. But it isn’t. Actual capitalism simply means keeping whatever you own, whether somebody wills it to you or otherwise willingly hands it over to you.

It’s socialism that introduces force into the equation. And it’s socialism that says government elites and bureaucrats will decide who gets to keep what — not the actual parties involved in making the trade. That’s wrong. It’s insane. It’s also not prudent or practical, which is why socialism leads to stagnation and despair, every place and every time it’s tried.

The overriding way to fight socialists like Occasional-Cortex? Tell them “IT’S NOT YOUR MONEY”. The money belongs to the people who own it. It does not belong to anyone else. Morally, it’s wrong to take so much as a penny. Once you start talking 70 or 90 percent, then you’ve gone all the way.

IT’S NOT YOUR MONEY. That always should have been the argument, and it’s the only way to win. Only when advocates of capitalism are prepared to make this point — and fight for it in practice — will there be any possibility of winning the war against the Constitution, American greatness and human survival itself.


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